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The following links attempt to consolidate some helpful information gleaned from our adventures in Mexico.  Do you have an idea that would be useful to add to this page?  Please Contact us !

Our Friends lists several other ministries south of the border.

Videos and Pictures - See what our trips are like! 

Mexico Maps should help you get lost in Mexico, trying to find us.

Schematics are the plans we use for the Homes and Latrines.

Brochures - Our current pamphlet, and our trip survival guide.

Tools is a "Foreman's list" that we try to have on each house.

This Health Insurance link (www.MissionaryHealth.net) is for an organization that provides short term health insurance.  ClubRust carries NO insurance.  If you don't have any health insurance, you are REQUIRED to purchase this inexpensive option. 

BajaBound sells the mandatory liability insurance necessary for driving in Mexico.  WE DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU BRINGING YOUR VEHICLE ON THIS TRIP.

A link to the Ranch's U.S. Border Crossing page.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select a link to get the wait time for a specific land border crossing.


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